The Great Snape Debate

The Great Snape Debate

Anyone who’s read (fine, or watched.) Harry Potter will have come across the big Snape Debate. If didn’t hate his guts until Deathly Hallows you are a very unique, strange person. Oh wait almost forgot!


Ok, good that’s out the way. Where was I? Oh yes. Snape was horrible to his students. Don’t deny it- he was. I’ll be honest with you. Snape had reason to, put it mildly, dislike Harry. For those of you sillies who have no clue what on earth I’m going on about, let me break this down for you. Harry Potter is the splitting image of James Potter aka Snape’s childhood bully and worst enemy. Yet Snape took it further. He wasn’t just mean to Harry. He was mean to all students except the Slytherin’s who deserve a good telling-off more than anyone. As the typical Potterhead I am, Hermione is my favourite character (but I think for reasons different to everyone else’s). I don’t cry often but when Snape told Hermione off and took away house points because she was being an “insufferable know-it-all” the injustice of it made me tear up. Hermione goes through a lot (*lightbulb moment!* Blog idea guys! If you want me to write a blog about why Hermione is my favourite character and things she’s been through that are not noticed very often please like and comment on this blog! Feedback is always appreciated!).

Ok so that’s why Snape isn’t everyone’s favourite. Yet-


in Deathly Hallows, we see a complete different side to Snape. One that explained his actions. Snape was head-over-heels in love with Lily Potter. Who married his childhood bully (yes, you guessed it!) the lovely chap James Potter. Lily died a tragic death protecting Harry. Snape was devastated. So he became a double agent. He fought against the side that killed the love of his life and protected her son (even if Harry certainly wasn’t aware that Snape wasn’t trying to kill him and Dumbledore actually trusted Snape for a reason). Snape was in constant risk of dying and was -in Harry’s words- “the bravest man I ever knew”. Poor Ron just there like “Mate, I literally sacrificed myself to a giant chess set for you when I was 11.” anyway, that’s a different story and not the point.

Snape died to save the wizarding world but that doesn’t fully excuse him for things he did and said to some unfortunate Hogwarts pupils.

Fun Fact: Poor Neville, next to Harry, was probably Snape’s most hated student he had to teach. Why? Neville could have been the Chosen One. If you have no clue what my point is, let me explain. If Neville had been the Chosen One then Lily would have survived. It wasn’t poor Neville’s fault though..

Ooh, and to finish – Snape joke:

Why did Snape stand in the middle of the road?

Because you never know which side he’s on!


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13 thoughts on “The Great Snape Debate

    1. Yes, I mean I get he had a hard life but so did so many others, its still not a reason to be cruel (especially to poor Neville- Snape was literally his worst fear and I think thats horrible!). Yet I LIVED for sassy Snape (like I live for sassy Harry!)

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