How to Plan The Perfect Picnic!

I, like everyone else, love picnics! Aside from the fact that you have to go outside (meaning having to leave my comfy little internet cave) they’re actually pretty fun! But having a plan (and good snacks!) can make a world of difference! And that’s why I’m here!

Step 1: If you’re planning ahead make sure you’ve chosen a day when the sun will be shining (for my fellow Brits, I understand that the sun is certainly a very stubborn fellow and doesn’t pleasure us with its light very often!). Or if you suddenly realise its a lovely day call up your friends and family- it doesn’t take long to get ready.

Step 2:  You can’t have a picnic without food! From where I’m from (Sri-Lanka!) we have loads of lovely fried food that are perfect for picnics! So for me, things like; Sri-Lankan patties (deep-fried pastries made with 100% YUM!), Samosas, Rolls and Vadai  are all essentials! Don’t worry, though, we’re not breaking all the traditional picnic rules! We have sandwiches, chocolate, crisps and Jammie Dodgers too! I love baking so a batch of cupcakes never hurts either!

Step 3: Picnics are usually made for parks so entertainment isn’t usually the biggest problem but it’s good to have some back-up! I love playing badminton- so I never forget my rackets! If you’re in a good place with lots of people Netball or Football can go down well (I’m Team Netball all the way though- sorry footie fans!) but games that don’t have many rules and can be played almost anywhere are ideal! But if you’re with friends and family, I certainly don’t mind everyone just catching up and having a good old chat (preferably with custard creams close by!).

Step 4: Wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting a little muddy and can run around with! Being the not-very-concerned-with-how-I-look person I am, when possible I just throw on any old top with my tracksuit bottoms and trainers and I’m good to go!

Step 5: Arrive early! For one thing parks can get pretty crowded when it’s sunny and it can be next to impossible to find a parking spot and the second thing is the earlier you arrive the more choice you get in where you want to sit! If you’re late by the time you get to the park all the best picnic spots will be gone (I, like sitting under big trees where it’s the perfect mixture of shady and sunny!)

Step 6: Have fun! Don’t stress yourself out too much! Picnics are meant for acting crazy with your pals and getting hyper on sugar!

Hope you all enjoyed these tips on how to have a perfect picnic!

QuirkyFangirl xx


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