How to Motivate Yourself to Get Chores Done!

Before I get right in with this blog, I just want to say a huge sorry for not blogging for ages! Ok, it probably hasn’t been that long but it feels like forever!

Anyway back to the topic. We’ve all had it. That moment when you need to do something but desperately don’t want to do it. Chores. DOn’t worry, I am human- I hate chores just as much as the next person but it’s better to actually do them then sit and wallow in your own self-pity just thinking about them.


Stop making excuses and GET STARTED. The more you ‘leave it for later’ or think ‘I’ve got plenty of time’ the less likely you are to do it and the less time you’re going to have. Do whatever it is that makes you want to get up! Music is nearly almost the answer.  You could let out your inner pre-schooler and look just slightly crazy as you dance and clean along to Barney’s Clean- Up Song but hey! whatever works for you! Here are some songs that I think are pretty motivating (but use whatever works for you!):

These are just a few songs that will get you up on your feet, but don’t be afraid to jive to any tune! Playing a song in the background is guaranteed to get you in the mood to do stuff!

2) Make a Plan

Look at everything you have to do and make a plan. What are you going to do first? How long is each chore going to take? Jot down your plan and make a rough estimate of how long you’re going to take. Be realistic with timings though and don’t worry if you take longer to get things done then the time you expected!

3) Play Around!

Turn cleaning up into a game, I know that sounds really lame and you’re probably all looking at your screens with a ‘Really?’ look on your face but hear me out. No one enjoys tidying up but there are ways to make it more enjoyable!

Sometimes I time myself or give myself until the end of a song to finish, this works for me but if you crack under pressure and this feels stressful try something else!

Maybe doing things in an order helps you get things done more quickly! Like tidying away all red things first!

But tbh the best thing to do is just prance around to music with the music in the background!

4) Reward Yourself!

Cleaning isn’t fun and you deserve a little reward for your hard work – sweet treats are usually enough to make all the hard work worth it!

Talking of sweet treats, I’m feeling like a snack – I’ll go scavenging for some chocolate soon!

I hope these tips helped you, tell me what you do to motivate yourself to clean up and what songs you like in the comments! And as always don’t forget to like this blog if you enjoyed it and follow my blog if you haven’t already!

QuirkyFangirl xx





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