Geek Girl Book Review

Geek Girl Book Review

I’ve just realised how damn long its been since I’ve blogged about anything other than Harry Potter! I know I promised a ‘Reasons Why Ravenclaws Are Pretty Damn Cool’ blog but I really have been busy recently (its Ramadan! Might do a blog on my Ramadan experience?), so (fingers crossed!) I will do that next week! I also know that Geek Girl is a popular book series and has been around for a while but I only actually read it very recently! I’ve put it off for so long because a while ago I picked up a Geek Girl book, and read a few pages I found it a little dull and put it back on the shelf. Probably should’ve started from the beginning *embarrassed shrug*

Anyway I can now reveal that I read the first book and……..


I LOVED IT! Funny, relatable, touching. I’d definitely recommend it!

Harriet Manners is an awkward, relatable teenage girl who is a total geek. Did you know that peanuts are an ingredient of dynamite? See, we both learned something new!

Her parents are on rocky roads, well her stepmum and her dad anyway. Annabel is the sensible parent, she’s a lawyer and well, like most mothers, she’s usually right.                     Her dad on the other side… Quite typical. Yeah, poor Harriet isn’t the only embarrassing one in the family. Her dad loves Harriet though and cares about her but he doesn’t always know what’s best for her.

Due to Harriet’s geeky side, she really doesn’t have very many friends (although she has one stalker?! That makes everything even up right?!) but she does have one best friend. Well, her only friend anyway but that’s not the point. Yet Nat and Harriet’s friendship is also on the line when…

Completely unexpectedly Harriet gets spotted by Infinity Models. AKA Nat’s dream job. Yeah, my thoughts exactly – MAJOR PLOT TWIST.

But after a heartbreaking experience with a bully, Harriet wants to change herself, from geek to chic. And after Annabel has forbidden both her dad and Harriet to go, what do they do? Pop off to Russia with Infinity Models. Without telling anyone. Oh and Harriet being the geek she is makes a bubble  chart of all the lies she and her dad have to tell and at which times.

Plus there’s a boy. Well, apart from Harriet’s geeky, creepy stalker there’s a boy. A model. That Harriet has a huge crush on- even if she won’t admit it. Its pretty obvious Nick and Harriet get together (Hick? Narriet? Nirriet? Ok I’ll think up shipnames later.)

Yet Harriet stays the same and when a model trips and falls on stage, Harriet knows how it feels. So she sits down next to her on stage in front of thousands and they get up together. 

It really is a great book(plus Annabel is amazing, literally a Hermione- just read the ned honestly)

Again sorry, I promise Ravenclaw Pride next week!

Quirky Fangirl xx



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