5 Reasons Why Ravenclaws Are Pretty Damn Cool

5 Reasons Why Ravenclaws Are Pretty Damn Cool

Sorry for the delay for this post, but here it is at last!

1)  The obvious one- they’re super smart!

Its NOT a bad thing being a geek as proved by a certain Hermione Granger and a bit of healthy competition is always fun!

2) They welcome eccentric people!

The people that are the perfect mix of crazy and fun!

3) Talking of eccentric people…

Luna Lovegood is one of the sweetest characters in Harry Potter even if she’s slightly well… loony.

4) They have a way with words

The best example of this is, of course, Luna. Sometimes its the embarrassing truth (please, can I hire Luna to tell people the stuff I’m too embarrassed to say?) and Luna is the best Quidditch commentator the wizarding world has ever seen but at Dobby’s funeral Luna said the most beautiful mini speech that celebrated Dobby’s life (now I need a minute because…. Dobby…) and she phrased her answer to Ravenclaw’s riddle perfectly! Basically having a Ravenclaw friend can be really handy if you’re in trouble, need a distraction or just bored out of your wits!

5) They have REALLY nice house colours!

Their house has arguably the best coat of arms, the blue and bronze match perfectly and the stunning eagle just looks perfect! Although Ravenclaw Problem 1) Having to remind everyone that their house animal is an eagle and not a raven.

So that’s it y’all, sorry for the wait for this post and the fact that this post was super short- I’m just tired ok?! Also if you’re NOT a Ravenclaw, don’t worry I got you covered:

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Quirky Fangirl xx


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