My Ramadan Experience!

For those of you who have no idea what I’m on about, let me spell it out for you. For those who do understand, wait a minute sitting smugly whilst I explain.

Ramadan is the month in which muslims fast- they don’t eat or drink in daylight hours.

So that’s a brief description for you. I thought it might be cool to do a typical day for me during Ramadan, but everyone’s Ramadan experience is different!

So first thing in the morning my bell goes off. After whacking it a few times and hiding my head under my pillow I decide it just might be a smart idea to actually get out of bed. So at about 3:30am we eat before we start our fast.

Our family usually have rice and curry or leftovers from iftar (I’ll talk about that later!) for suhoor which is the name for  the meal we have in the morning. So this is something I’m not proud of but in the morning I’m groggy, grumpy and really not myself. So instead of eating good food that will make it easier for the long day ahead I have a yoghurt (or two!) and maybe a banana if somebody forces one down my throat. By the way the yoghurts I have are Oykos. You can look at the options here. I am personally in love with the Mango Papaya Pleasure and the Passion Fruit flavours! I cannot tell you how amazingly delicious they are! Yet, no matter what, I always make sure that I have water last so I am at least slightly hydrated. Then I pray and flop back asleep.

I usually take naps during the day, becasue the lack of food means lack of energy and therfore I am more tired than usual and my sleeping cycle is a little crazy during Ramadan so I try to catch up. The first hunger pang of the day usually hits around 10am but I get them on and off all day!

Anyway, this year we break our fast quite late. The timing changes every year because the time for Iftar is dependant on the moon. Ramadan also changes months each year. In some countries the time remains more or less the same but not here in Britain. Iftar is basically the food we eat to break our fast at the end of the day. First we always break our fast with dates and if we don’t have any then water. I normally am not a huge fan of dates- I don’t mind them though but after a long day they taste HEAVENLY. Food always tastes best when you’re actually hungry!

Also its common to have fried food for iftar which is obviously not the best thing to have and why its common to gain weight during Ramadan. Although I’m just as guilty as the next person when it comes to food! Although this year, my family and I have made an effort to cut down on the oily, delicious goodness. We’ve actually not had any fried food at home unless its food someone has given us and we’ve also had unhealthy food when we’ve gone out for iftar. We’ve made an effort to have variety as well- so we’ve had a range of yummy food! We were given biryani (which is a really yummy, mixed rice dish with lots of meat and flavour!) once and once made Chinese Noodles which were ah-maze-ing!

Then after our night prayers I try and get a few hours of shut-eye before the cycle starts all over again!

This was quite a different type of blog post for me, so I hope you liked it! If you have any suggestions for me I’d love to know- so please tell me in the comment section below! And as always if you liked this blog, press that like button, comment and if you haven’t already follow my blog!

See you next Tuesday!

Quirky Fangirl xx


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