Last Minute Cards, Gifts and Gift Wrap!

So maybe its a little bit early to be thinking of Christmas. Yet maybe there’s someone’s birthday coming around the corner, whatever the case there are times when you need to get someone a gift and fast!

I always end up in a muddle, the day before (insert celebration) and if you’re the same, then I think you will enjoy this (hopefully helpful!) post!

So first lets start with the gift wrapping. If this has ever happened to you, you know the feeling. You’ve got gifts ready and you’re just about to wrap them up and then… You realise there’s none left! So you could give it to them in a cute gift bag, or just leave it unwrapped but if not here are some creative idea:

– Use a map! It looks really cute, personalised and beautiful and bonus points if you can find a map of a place thats important to the person you’re giving it to!

– Newspaper! I know it sounds crazy but hear me out. It looks super cute and vintage, and comics work especially well but it looks extra adorable when you top it with a super easy to make newspaper bow- the instructions that I used are here and don’t worry if you don’t get it first time! It took me 1 or 2 tries to get it as big and beautiful as I wanted!

– Brown paper bags! They look really rustic and festive when paired with a colourful ribbon or a sprig of holly!

– Wrap with a shawl or jumper! Plus it could also be a bonus present!

– Put it in a jar! Decorate the lid with ribbon or the newspaper bow and it looks extra cute!

Plus my personal favourite: If it’s something small or you want to give money to someone put it in a balloon! Add some confetti, scraps of ribbon, buttons maybe even glitter and it makes for a super cute gift! They have to pop the balloon to get their present! Yet, it can make a bit of a mess, so you might not want to include all the extras!

I wanted to give my auntie and uncle a cute little note but I didn’t want to be boring! I am really not a creative person and I find most cute card ideas time-consuming and difficult to make. Well, after a while of searching on YouTube I found a really cute idea that was pretty easy to make! You can watch it here!

If you want something even easier, this little note is adorable and especially good for little kids and it comes with free printables! Watch the how-to here!

There were loads of good ideas for cute, cheap and easy DIY gifts on this BuzzFeed article!

So that’s it from me, I hope you liked this post and if you did don’t forget to like, comment and follow my blog!

Quirky Fangirl xx





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