Mini Stationery Haul!

Hello Internet! So… Happy Eid to everyone that celebrated! Everyone in my family knows my stationery addiction so guess what I got for Eid? So does this count as a stationery haul? I don’t know but I wanted to share what I got with you guys! Also pleeease don’t be disappointed because I’ve seen bloggers who say ‘Mini Stationary Haul!’ and then buy the whole of (insert your favourite stationary shop e.g Paperchase!). When I say mini, I mean I’ve only got about 5 things! Any-hoo let’s get started- and enjoy lovelies!

You know those adult colouring books? I’m obsessed! They’re so cute and fun and I just love them! Last year I got Johanna Basford’s Lost Ocean colouring book which you can order here and I 100% reccomend it! The designs weren’t too detailed but it wasn’t block colouring. The designs were ah-maze-ing! So, okay, I haven’t actually gotten it yet but I really want to get Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest colouring book (order here). Plus, I’ve convinced myself I deserve it and am planning to get it soon! So they get the QF (Quirky Fangirl) mark of approval!

My mum gifted me a great set of Djeco Brush Tip Felt Pens, which are double-sided. One side, is a brush tip which is good for calligraphy (which, I am terrible at, by the way) and the other side is a thin felt tip! I use it for poster work and they work really well- I’m obsessed! So QF approval mark 2!

I also got NPW 50/50 Pencils! At first, I wasn’t too sure. When it comes to art, I’ll be blunt, I am not very good at it. Especially, when it comes to colouring pencils. My go-to is my felt tips. I already have a Staedtler 20 Pack of Triplus Felt Tips (order here) which I swear by- I can’t tell you how damn good they are. Anyway, I can’t really mess up with felt-tips, no shading, no fancy art skills = no stress, right? Yet the pencils are really good, the colour comes out nicely and I CAN KIND OF ACTUALLY DRAW WITH THEM. I really like them, I even made a stab at trying to shade and layer and even left the little white spot for the shine y’all. See? I totally know how to do art! Anyway moving on from my brilliant artistic skills (or lack thereof). So QF approval!

I also got something which I WISH I had gotten a few weeks ago! Would’ve made my gift wrapping a WHOLE LOT EASIER. Anyway if you haven’t guessed I’m talking about scrapbook paper! I got 2 design pads which I’m super happy about! The first is this adorable Vintage Notes which has a theme of floral, purple and grey designs which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I also got another one which is an Urban Style one, which I also love. Its really hipster. The card is quite thick, its a good size with 32 sheets (4×8 designs). This one deserves a big tick of QF approval!

So last but certainly not least I FINALLY GOT ‘How To Be A Bawse’ by Lilly Singh. THE Lilly Singh aka IISUPERWOMANII! If you guys want, I can do a book review when I’ve finished reading it, but I’ve planned to take it with me on holiday- so that might be a while. I couldn’t resist and read a bit and from what I’ve read so far IT’S AWESOME SAUCE! I can’t wait to finish it!

So that is all from me! I hope you like this mini stationery haul and if you did don’t forget to like, comment and follow my blog! Love you guys! Virtual hugs!

Quirky Fangirl xx









14 thoughts on “Mini Stationery Haul!

  1. SO before I start this comment…I’m GOING TO BE VERY PICKY but you spelt stationery wrong. The kind of stationery you are talking about is like pencils, washi tapes, pens..etc, that’s spelt stationEry. The stationary you are spelling is the one that means when something is still e.g CAR so that would be with an ‘A’. Sorry *winces*

    ANWAYS.. yah, Eid Mubarak! I AM SO IN LOVE WITH PAPERCHASE I CAN’T EVEN.Those adult colouring books Look SO FUN but I don’t like colouring that much?! I SO WANT HOW TO BE A BAWSE #jealous

    P.S you should definitely add pics

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    1. Thank you so much- please don’t apologise about spelling! I will change that ASAP, I usually can’t handle spelling or grammar mistakes either so I’m really pleased you pointed that out!

      And glad to see I’m not the only one fangirling over Paperchase *excited squeal as I think of beautiful notebooks, washi tape, PENS* and hopefully I will try and upload some pictures!

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      1. Yesssss!! A while back a friend got me a flamingo pen from Paperchase and IT WAS THE CUTEST DAMN THING> *Love is an open door! (please, don’t tell me I’m the only one who sang that instead of reading it!* AND OMG WASHI TAPE. I. Just. Cannot. Even. Seriously, there’s no point anyone ever giving me money- I’m just going to go to Paperchase, just pay me in washi tape! *evil laugh as I find a £10 note and start cancelling appointments because STATIONERY* Anyway- should probably stop talking about Paperchase before I wet myself with excitem- *heavy breathing- pens, pens, PENS EVERYWHERE* *family slowly drag me away from computer as I suddenly dance around the room like a chicken yet screaming “MIAW MIAW I’M A COW,”. *finally breathes normally and is semi-calm* Thank you. Glad to see somebody shares my obsession. *tries to do a fancy, sophisticated stride away, but in true Quirky Fangirl fashion, trips over
        glue stick and then realises the door is THE OTHER WAY* 😀 Sorry, stationery does stuff to my brain that I cannot explain! (And I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it!)

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      2. A while back I forced my sister to get this cool magnetic notebook (the she had wanted 4 like ever) and SHE ACTUALLY BORUGH IT. Last time I went, i got their cute BD cards, one of their GORGEOUS notebooks and some WASHI TAPE. PENS AND NOTEBOOKS = my oxygen! Honestly, the air In Paperchase is quality XD

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  2. Your stationery haul was really good. I liked reading what you got as well. I am so jealous I really want super woman’s new book too. Oh yeah when are you going to Sri Lanka and also I really want to borrow a few books from you is that okay? Also I would really like to do an Eid gift haul. Similar to yours but I will only do it if let me because I dont want to copy you if you don’t want me too.
    Nutshella xoxo.

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    1. Thank you! You can borrow books of me anytime- yet I might take a while with the Superwoman book! I’m going to Sri- Lanka at the end of July and of course you can do an Eid gift haul! (just tag me as inspiration 😉 ) I haven’t seen you in a while- we should totally meet up ASAP as it’s been FOREVER.

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    1. No, I did once when I was younger but it got lost and I was so upset I never tried again (this was when I was about 7). I mean, my scrapbook felt kind of forced and not because I wanted to do it. So I just use my scrapbook paper for little thank you cards, notes, crafts- so yeah, random stuff!

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