Natural Beauty Products!

This is a very strange, different topic for my blog as I am NOT, I repeat AM NOT a beauty blogger. If you like that stuff then that’s great!- whatever floats your boat. But for me? I’ve always thrown on the cleanest thing in my cupboard, but surprisingly I really care about keeping my skin healthy. Looking after my body. In the most natural way possible! So here are my tips and tricks to being beautiful!

First of all- you are absolutely stunning. A goddess. Perfectly beautiful in every way possible- which is why I’m showing you all natural products that won’t change how you look but maintain your beauty. I can’t emphasise how important it is to look after your skin and natural ingredients (at least, in my opinion!) work best.

Face cream. I use Dr. Organic Vitamin E Cream which you can order online here, I cannot tell you what wonders this stuff does for you! 100% natural ingredients! I really recommend this product, even though its a little pricey. Its quite a small tub so I never waste it. Dab cream onto your nose, forehead, cheeks and chin and then moisturise! It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and amazing!

Dr. Organic has a lot of great products which you can view here, but I haven’t tried out all of them and it would take me forever to go through them all!

Also doing face masks weekly works wonders for your skin! Aloe Vera is famous for how healthy and useful it is! Our family actually have an Aloe Vera plant at home which is amazing! Aloe Vera face masks are really really good. Yes, it feels icky and a bit itchy and quite uncomfortable the first few times, so you can get someone else to put on Aloe Vera for you. Use as much as you like and leave it on your face at least until it is all dry. It is very annoying, however, to remove.

Also its so important to keep your body moisturised (as well as your face!) and sometimes it can be hard to find a cream that’s right for you. I recommend trying out a few different creams that you think you like and seeing what works for you. I use Aveeno cream which you can purchase here! Aveeno is another organic cream that is really hydrating for the skin and is so lovely to use! On the Aveeno website it tells you to choose whether you have normal skin, dry skin or dry and sensitive skin. Then it tells you which of their products would work best for you! Aveeno is really soothing for people who have eczema or really sensitive skin! Yet, of course, what works for me might not work for you so its best to try out a few different creams before deciding which you like best and what is best for you. Plus don’t forget to really moisturise your feet as they get really dry unbelievably fast!

So thats all from me, please tell me if this post was helpful or if there are any products you swear by because I love reading your comments! And if you did like this post don’t forget to like and if you haven’t already follow my blog!

Quirky Fangirl xx


5 thoughts on “Natural Beauty Products!

  1. This super helpful and will probably be better than wearing make-up products! Please follow my blog

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      1. Sorry, I was really sick yesterday (since Wednesday actually) and I’m still quite sick today so I apologise to everyone for not blogging yesterday. Thank you for asking though 🙂


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