Guys, this is not a blog to make up for yesterday, just an explanation and an apology.

Guys, I’ve been really sick since Wednesday. I vomited (eww, I know) and I have a fever. I’m really tired all the time and pretty weak so I’ve been a useless lump. I’ve got an appointment for today so hopefully I’ll be better soon! I’ve also been pretty busy as, there’s a community event happening and I was asked to be a kind of host?- for this presentation that this little kids class have prepared with their teachers which is tomorrow and I basically need to be there as I can’t back out now. So that’s basically been my week.

Yet I’m really, really sorry for not posting- I feel really bad about it now but I really was not at all motivated to do anything yesterday. I will try to get myself together and post on Monday, yet if I don’t I apologise in advance.

Sorry again guys, I’m forever thankful for your support- even if I am still quite new to the world of blogging! This is also my 20th post and I’m pretty bummed that THIS is what I choose to write about! But seriously, thank you. I love you guys!

Quirky Fangirl xx


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