What I Do When I’m Sad

Hellloooooooooo Internet! Its been forever since I’ve blogged and I apologise profoundly to you amazing people- I love you guys! Anyway, I’m back and will hopefully be uploading more frequently! I think the stress of having set dates was getting to me so guys I don’t now if I can continue blogging TWICE a week. It doesn’t seem like much, but I’m juggling priorities, Of course, I want to put my blog first but thats not always possible. So, I will try my best to keep up with you guys every Monday and Thursday and I will kick myself to make sure to post at least once a week because I love blogging. I really do love having this little community of amazing, beautiful, wonderful people AKA every one of you reading this!! SO long story short I haven’t been keeping up with the frequency of my blogging and I am trying to keep up.

Let’s move on. So yesterday, I was having quite a crummy day. I won’t go into details and bore all you lovelies to death. I thought it might be interesting to tell you guys what I do when I’m sad and I’d love to know if you guys do similar things, different things, is there anything that really cheers you up after a tiringly terrible day? I’d love to know- so please basically pour out all your inner thoughts into the comment section. Go ahead and write down your damn diary down there. This is a safe space, no one’s going to judge you for anything. *deeply inhales smell of glue and dramatically sighs* Just kidding guys- I’m not that messed up- although if you do sniff glue no offense but I mean.. There’s nothing wrong with that. Right?!

So after that painfully long intro I will actually start now!

To Create Your Own Sadness Survival Kit You Will Need:-

  • Blankets. Lots of blankets.
  • Something to play music on
  • Comfort food, preferably something cold AKA ice-cream!
  • Tissues
  • Notebook (Or a Bullet Journal if you have one)
  • A love of all things Disney

If this sadness is based on anger or irritation then grab yourself a notebook. I used to have a little Rant Book entirely for the following purpose:

Allow yourself a page. One singular page, to vent out all your emotions. You could do a diary style page, mini frustrated doodles to represent your frustration or anything you want. The issue can be as big as small as you like, I swear, once I did a page dedicated to the fact that I can never find a matching pair of black socks when I’m in a hurry. Literally, anything. Then on the next page have a page of reflection. Sometimes I feel a lot better after venting and skip this but really I think its quite important. Analyse why you felt upset. Was it a person? Was it a consequence of something you did? If its a person, try and see things from their point of view. I know, I know easier said than done. But breaking it down prevents it from happening in the future because maybe its just a matter of cutting off toxic relationships. Then find a solution. Again easier said than done. For example, my sock problem. I should buy a pack of black socks, keep the pairs together and keep them near the front of my drawer so they’ll be there. Or maybe its just a matter of being prepared the night before. Whatever. Also this is kind of inspired by a chapter from How To Be A Bawse, I will be impressed if anyone can guess the name of the chapter I am referring to as I am a lazy person and my mind and soul have both agreed that they refuse to try and find the chapter for me. First world problems, guys.

Don’t leave your venting for too long. I like to vent ASAP whilst the emotions are still raw. Yesterday, there was a long car ride preventing me from venting straight away which made me more cranky. Then when I finally got home I didn’t feel as motivated to vent and then just didn’t. I was calmer at home but venting brings SO much more satisfaction.

Ok so next grab yourself some blankets. Wrap yourself up and become a human hotdog. Ok, if its hot just get one thin blanket and wrap yourself up but for me I must become SOME KIND of human hotdog and the weather can go get lost.

After you have become a human hotdog play some sad songs or some of the less upbeat Disney songs. Here are 4 suggestions:

So maybe these 4 aren’t necessarily considered sad songs but they work well for me but its what works for you that matters.

Let it all out. Its ok to cry. No matter how tiny the issue may seem, if its bothering you, its significant and needs to stop affecting the wonderful human being that is yourselves.

Grab some ice-cream (or any other snack), and by then you’ll probably be feeling better.

But go ahead and reward yourself to a few hours (or days) of binge-watching whaever you please on Netflix. No judgement whatsoever.

So that’s it from me, also whatever is bothering you, I think you are an amazing, beautiful person who is a force to be reckoned with and makes a statement.

As always, if you liked this blog don’t forget to like, comment and if you haven’t already follow my blog for my little snippets of wisdom or at least a foolproof cure for boredom.

Quirky Fangirl xx


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