The QF Awards!

Hello Internet! Ugh, sorry for not posting Monday!! Yet I really want to keep up with posting at least once a week. So, today I wanted to do something a little bit different and random and I also wanted to show my favourite bloggers/YouTubers/people in general some love and appreciation! So I decided to hand out some virtual awards to some of my favourite people on the Internet! Yeah, I am going to do this in the middle of July and not at the start of August or like a non-awkward date but thats no reason to not have a mini awards ceremony! So get some snacks and get your beautiful self all dressed up cause here we go!

First lets show some appreciation to the blogging community. Here are the awards in the category: Bloggers.

  • Favourite New Blogger
  • Favourite Fashion Blogger
  • Favourite Book Blogger
  •  Favourite Talented Blogger

The blogging category also includes awards for particular posts.

  • Favourite Feminist Post
  • Favourite Harry Potter Post
  • Favourite Disney Post

So let’s get started!! Oh wait have I said that already? No? Ok then!

Let’s start with the bloggers.  The QF Favourite Talented Blogger Award. I’m going to be brutally honest here, but this was such an easy decision for me. All of the bloggers I’ve read of, are super talented (from what I know) but one has definite talent and a beautiful sense of humour that I CAN RELATE TO SO MUCH. Introverts united! Come on, you must have guessed by now!! Its none other than INFJoe.

INFJoe makes amazing cartoons about life as an introvert, he’s even written a book! You can pre-order it on Amazon or your favourite retailer! You can see the amount of talent in his work, and his blog proves it! Check out INFJoe’s blog here I assure you, you’ll love it!

Next Award lets skip straight to Fashion Blogger. Now, anyone who’s been here a while or knows me in the slightest knows that I am not a fashion type person. Nope. (I made one fashion-related post which you can read here!) Yet this girl, is someone I know in real life who does actually look at the pieces of cloth that cover her body (opposites attract, I guess?) and it is….. drumroll please!! Nutshella Hijab!

Nutshella is super sweet and knows way more about clothes then I could ever dream- basically as i am uneducated on the topic of fashion, I’ll let her blog do the talking- make sure to check out her blog which is here!! But basically her blog is about modest fashion aimed at young muslim girls or anyone really!

My Favourite New Blogger. This is also a girl I know irl (lucky me, right?). I love all her posts that are as unique, random and entertaining as she is! It’s LittleIndieGirl from Middle of The Night!

Her blog is well-named. When you’re meant to be asleep, but are bored, this is literally where I go first. She covers ever topic from The Hunger Games to room decor, and basically her blog is here– she is amazing!!

Last but certainly not least is my Favourite Book Blogger!! Words actually just are not enough to describe this girl!!!! I won’t keep you waiting its Mahriya from My Bookish Life! If you don’t know Mahriya- WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! She is one of the queens’ of the blogging world!

Her blogs are funny, entertaining and just stunning! Basically just reaching out to your inner bookworm! THE MAGNIFICENCE THAT IS HER BLOG IS WITHIN REACH! Find her here!!

Now specific blogs! Let’s begin with Harry Potter because.. because.. I don’t need a damn reason to start with Harry Potter, the greatest gift mankind has ever received! By chance, I found his ADORABLE post which I loved and really enjoyed about a beautifully badass female from Harry Potter aka GINNY WEASLEY. It is……

My Lifelong Quest To Be As Awesome As Ginny Weasley by Here There Be Fandoms! It was super sweet about how Ginny Weasley has inspired her ever since she was young and I loved it!! Just read it.

This Feminist post is also about Disney! BONUS! I really enjoyed reading it and was constantly going “PREACH IT! DOUBLE HAND EMOJIS ALL ROUND!”. It gave me all the Girl Power feels! It is……..

Girl Power Children Movies by Pocket Treasures! It was a post about how Disney movies are developing to show more Girl Power and her opinions on newer Disney movies. Super interesting, basically what are you still doing here? CLICK THE LINK AND READ.

This Disney award goes to a post that is about a (quite?) recent Disney movie, and even if me and the author don’t agree on everything (Moana has the most amazing soundtrack and storyline!!), i really liked her post which is….

What I Learned From Moana by Soul Bare! I hope I don’t need to explain what its about, as the title is pretty self-explanatory!

UPDATE: For a while this post was left mid-sentence, I had 2 copies of this post, the original got deleted somehow. Sorry for the wait, my computer has been playing up for a while now but its all fixed now (and the way to fix it definitely wasn’t just turning it on and off again!!)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post if you want me to do a pt. 2 of the QF Awards, for a different category (books, Harry Potter, Disney, YouTubers etc etc) please comment down below!! Also is there anyone else you think deserves these award? Is there anyone you’d like to nominate for an award? Please tell me because I’d love to see more talented people on the internet and you will get a special mention!!

Quirky Fangirl xx


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