Where I’ve Been?!

AGHHH!! I’m so sorry!!! I swear I have a good reason for not blogging for ages (and probably for ages more!). Ok, this is going to be brief because I really can’t trust this computer.

Basically I am on holiday in Sri-Lanka. The internet connection is TErrible, so terrible that it needs a capital T and E. It works only after midnight, and with my mum’s strict routine that I must be up bright and early I can’t really afford to be up at night to blog. When I come back, I might just spam you all with a million posts because IT IS SO IRRITATING HAVING A POST IDEA AND NOT BEING ABLE TO BLOG RIGHT. THAT. SECOND. So umm.. yeah. The computer today has decided not to be painfully slow, and glitchy, and freeze up every 2 seconds.

I really am dreadfully sorry. I will be here until at least probably the end of August. I KNOW, WHY SO LONG?!! Ugh, I really can’t survive without the internet.

But hey! Instead of being bitter in my unicorn fashion let’s think of happy things!









PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA!! (#hatersgonnahate)

ALL OF YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE STILL READING MY BLOG! (Damn it, I love you guys so much!!)

Ok I gotta go, my little cousin and my younger sister are pulling my elbow and complaining that I’ve been taking AGES.

So yeah, uh.

Quirky Fangirl xx


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