How To Survive A Long-Haul Flight!

Hello, it is indeed I, with an actual post on an actual subject that matters!! I am still on holiday so my posting will still unfortunately be non-frequent but hey, positivity!

If anyone of you guys as ever been on a long-haul flight ride as I have, you’ll probably know it’s not the most enjoyable thing in the world. They can be long, tiring, unhygienic and stressful. So here are some tips, to help you survive the long journey.


Wear something loose and comfortable. And flats. Glorious flats. They’ll get you through security quicker, they’re comfortable. I’m always taking my shoes on and off on the flight and flats make that easier too! Its a win-win situation! And who says flats can’t look nice? Anyway, in the flight you’re going to have limited space, you’re going to sleep, you do not need to look glamourous!


Some airplanes offer good food (I recommend Emirates!) yet some try to shove curries down your throat first thing in the morning or a small, soggy bun for lunch! Plus even if the plane food is good, it’s always good to have back up snacks! ON THAT NOTE: everyone hates the pain of having your ears pop. So always remember to pack some gum to chew (bonus if its mint flavoured and freshens your breath!) or hard candy to suck because that usually helps!


As mentioned previously, mints and minty gum are your new best friends. It’s the simplest way to freshen yourself up a bit. Pack face wipes as well when you desperately want to wash your face but also desperately don’t want to take a trip to the horrid plane bathrooms. Deodorant, lip balm and moisturisers are essentials to basic hygiene. Tbh there’s no easy way to feel wonderfully fresh during a plane ride but there are little things you can do to make yourself comfortable! Talking of being comfortable..


Again as I said before, clothing and hygiene. Yet also, a neck pillow! I have a really cute red one with white spots that I love and it makes all the difference in the world!

If you are a light sleeper (sorry, I can’t relate as I can literally sleep through anything) some good earphones that block out noise is an essential.

Slipper socks!!!! The flimsy blankets they sometimes provide in flights is never enough to make my feet feel satisfied  so slipper socks are a must! They just make  your flight that much better.

So that it from me, hopefully I will post again soon- no promises though!

Quirky Fangirl xx


5 thoughts on “How To Survive A Long-Haul Flight!

  1. Great tips! I am one of those people who actually love going to the airport and the whole getting on the plane business. It always reminds me of vacations past, but I haven’t been on a really really long flight yet and I know when one of those comes along I won’t like flying so much anymore. XD But these tips will help!

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